Instagram has announced two exciting news previously. On is that they have reached more than one billion users on their social media platform. The second announcement was about the launch of their new product IGTV app. IGTV stands for Instagram TV. If you are unaware of this product, you should definitely read the article to know what is all that fuss about.

First of all, we will discuss what this app actually is, and after that, we will discuss the benefits that one can have with this newly developed app by Instagram.

On Instagram, they have provided an option to watch videos. IGTV is the video viewing app a bit different from the other video viewing apps like YouTube. On IGTV you can watch the videos through the Instagram app’s top right corner where the videos will be shown to you vertically, and they are on full screen. This means that this app is specifically for the mobile users who can watch videos of 10 minutes to an hour-long video. People can upload the videos on IGTV by making their accounts, and everyone can explore those videos with whom they are shared.

There are particularly two main benefits that IGTV may provide to its users. One for the people who seek entertainment and the second group that can have its true benefit is the people in business who can share the videos with each other. Following are the main benefits that IGTV can provide to the users as well as to people who buy 100 instagram followers from popular sources.

More Audience

Instagram has already a huge chunk of the social media followers. But the more it can increase the users, the better it is for their business. Through IGTV videos, one can comment and share these videos, and through this way, a video can spread the message rapidly among many audiences. This will increase the audience of Instagram as well as for the person who wants to share a message.

A Clearer Message

On the social media platform, everyone wants an app that is user-friendly. They prefer the content that is easy to understand, and it is attention-grabbing. This saves them time, and they don’t want to put a lot of stress to think about the stuff to get it. Through IGTV, animated videos can be shared that is easily understandable and saves the audience their time. They can get a clearer message through the videos instead of reading the posts.


In this era, spending a lot of money in making the quality videos for the business purpose is considered a big mistake and a huge loss, when you can record the video on the camera you have and upload it to share with the customers. IGTV gives you just the same opportunity. It allows the users to upload different videos and upload them over their business channel where the customers can watch the features of their products and the services. Also, IGTV allows the vloggers to upload the videos and earn for themselves by getting a maximum number of the followers.