Instagram is basically a photo-sharing platform that also comes under the umbrella of social media. Instagram helps you sharing your photos by adding captions and hashtags to it. Teenagers use Instagram and youth mostly as it provides them a fare chance to get followers as much as they want to.

Twitter is a social media platform that helps its users to be global. To follow anyone they want and to get followed by anyone. Twitter helps you to upload poetry, quotes and anything that could drive people’s attention and similarly you could follow your favorite poets, actors, politicians or anyone whom you want.

Twitter is not only for the youth that are of age group 20 or even less. Twitter is also a best option for the people to use who were born in 1920 or nearer. There are some of the reasons that prove twitter to be a good social media platform for the old people.

You don’t need friends to have, to interact with people.

buy instagram followersWhatever you as a twitter user are interested in, news, football or health concerns. Just add hashtag and then wait for the twitter to work and search that thing for you. If you want to search for a person, or a famous personality, search for that with a hashtag. This is how you can search for anything and anyone that is a part of twitter. You can have access to a huge number of data base regarding people and things of your interest. You can click the follow button on the interests that match yours and simply by this you will get all this stuff on your timeline.

You can have access to just about everything

You can have access to almost everything and any topic of you interest. You can get awareness of all latest issues and trends just by searching for them adding hastags and then following the best content that you would like to follow. If you are retired and want to let people to add some value to their lives then twitter is the best option of you to get people know about your life, your experiences, some quotes and anything that you’d like to share with them you can. People whose interests will match with yours will automatically follow you on twitter and this is how you can earn a number of followers. This will help you in getting connected with a lot of people without knowing them personally.

You can get a voice by using twitter

Through twitter, you can raise your voice. If you ever felt like no one is listening you and you are really in need of a platform to make people know about your views and ideas, then twitter is the best option for you. Twitter helps you in getting aware of the knowledge and news about social issues, news and politics. You can raise your voice against any type of violence or any activity that you find inappropriate. You could share something that you like and you really want to let people know about it.

Yet twitter provides you everything on a single platform. There has been a increase in using pattern of twitter and that is just because of the amazing features that twitter provides you. Now, if you are new to Instagram, you can buy active instagram followers for initial boost to get overnight success.