Introduction to Latin America

Latin America is that part of south united states which uses the language of Spanish, French, and Portuguese. History of Latin America began from the 15th century and then it has developed since the 19th century in the period of world war. It contains almost entire South America. It also consists of the Mexico, Caribbean island and central America. Since the movement of independence in Spain and Portugal, Spanish and Portuguese moved to the Latin America. People in the island of Caribbean speak the romance language. Due to the mix of different languages in the Latin America, similar trends and common heritage is also observed. They have many trends similar to each other. Social characteristics and climate may vary from country to country. Latin word suggests equal importance to French and Italian.

Countries in Latin America

Latin America consists of the various countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Belize, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Peru, Guyana, Nicaragua, etc. geography of some of the countries are as follows:


It is the second largest country in the Latin America. The climate of the Argentine is favorable. Mostly rainfall happens in the country. It has 23 provinces and one federal district. The official language of Argentina is Spanish. However, people from other languages also exist in this country.


It is the third largest country in the Latin America. The official language of the Mexican United States is Spanish. Only 10% of the area in Mexico is arable. Mostly rainfall happens in different areas of the Mexico. It contains a wide range of topography. It is a second largest nation for the Spanish speaking language. It consists of people related to 297 languages.


It contains an area of about 1,141,748 square km. It is the fourth largest country on the Latin America continent. It is situated in the northwest of the South America. In the west, mountains exist in large volume. Jungles and forests are located in the east of the Columbia. The National language of the Colombia is Spanish. People belonging to the 83 languages also live there.


It contains the area approximately 77,082 square km. It is separated by the Panama Canal. The capital city of the Panama country is Panama City. The official language of the nation is Spanish. Most of the people in Panama belong to the Christian nation. People from 18 other languages live in this country of Latin America.


Area of this country in Latin America is 1,285,216 square km. The capital city of this country is a lama. There appear to be three zones in the Peru. Most of the cities and industries are located in the west of the Peru. Mountains are found on the east side of Peru in Latin America. Official languages of the country are Spanish and Quechua. People from other 93 languages also belong to this country. Most of the population in Peru is from the Christian religion. This contains the small part of the Latin America. Other countries are also found in the Latin America.